COVID-19 Policy

Keeping you safe while ensuring your pet has access to exceptional veterinary care

Curbside Pickup + No-Touch Policy

One of our team members will meet you at the front door or parking lot to safely escort your pet in for the visit. Our team will be wearing masks for their own protection and will thoroughly wash their hands before coming to meet you. We’ll collect any necessary information for your pet’s veterinary visit upon your arrival. You can feel free to wait nearby, in your car, or wherever you feel most comfortable. You also have the option of leaving your pet with us and returning later for pick-up.

Our centers have:

  • Safe pick-up and drop-off procedures
  • Fully sanitized exam rooms for your pet
  • Phone calls during your pet’s exam
  • Effective policy for “flattening the COVID-19” curve

“We’re doing everything possible to keep you, your pet, and our team members healthy during this uncertain time. Our veterinarians and support teams are here to make sure your pets get all the medical attention they need.”

Dave Lasus


Phone Calls During Exams

Our veterinary team will call you from the exam room to talk you through everything that’s going on with your pet. Of course, we will never conduct any procedures or tests that you have not explicitly agreed to. Once the exam is complete, our team will meet you at the door again with your pet, along with any medications, instructions, or paperwork you may need.

  • We only perform tests and procedures that you authorize.
  • Your veterinarian will walk you through everything that’s happening.

“Our pet parents have actually been loving the curbside pickup and no-touch policy. We get on the phone, talk them through their pet’s exam and never perform any services without their consent. It has been working out great.”

Dr. Killian Lenahen

Partner Veterinarian

Full-Service Veterinary Practice

We’re still open and ready to help our pet parents with full-service vet care. Book a visit to help maintain your pet’s health and well-being.

  • Dental procedures
  • Surgery
  • Spay and neuter
  • New puppy or new kitten exams
  • Heartworm tests and prevention
  • Fecal exams
  • Flea/Tick prevention
  • Rabies and other vaccinations
  • Ear problems or follow up
  • Chronic illness exams
  • Much more