Heart + Paw opens pet services center in Cherry Hill



Huge thanks to the Courier Post in New Jersey for their coverage of our new Cherry Hill center!


Heart + Paw opens pet services center in Cherry Hill; 2nd South Jersey site coming soon

Heart + Paw, a quickly expanding chain that opened its first New Jersey location in Cherry Hill this month, offers a wide range of pet services, including veterinary care. 

But the company doesn't want pets to know that. 

"I've had a number of conversations with pet parents where they said, 'Our dog or cat was not nervous. They didn't feel like they were at the vet,' " said Vincent Bradley, CEO of Heart + Paw, which launched over the summer with locations in King of Prussia and Glen Mills, Pa. 

The centers include feline-friendly touches such as a digital fish tank and high shelves that cats can jump on while vets examine them.

And dogs, which are usually examined on a hard floor, get their own cushion — with enough space for the veterinarian. 

"Something as simple as that, you'd be surprised how welcoming that is for a dog, how comfortable it is," Bradley said.


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