Dr Zanetti

Jennifer Zanetti Center Director | Lake Hopatcong

Jennifer comes to Lake Hopatcong with over 25 years of experience in the veterinary field.  She began working in the industry in the mid-1990’s as a veterinary receptionist and quickly transitioned to the role of veterinary assistant. Driven by her love of medicine and passion for animal welfare, she pursued the path of becoming a credentialed veterinary technician and received her New Jersey certification in 2003.

Throughout her career, Jennifer has had opportunities to work in several different specialties including zoo medicine, exotic/avian medicine, wildlife care and rehabilitation, equine medicine, and emergency.  She is passionate about providing high level, compassionate care for all patients.  She has many years of experience performing behavior consultations for dogs and cats using positive reinforcement methods.  Jennifer has specialized training to gently handle anxious animals and is Fear Free veterinary certified in small animal and avian techniques.

After working as a veterinary technician for over a decade, Jennifer developed a strong interest in veterinary business and leadership. She transitioned into a practice management position in 2005 and has continued to focus on professional growth within that role.  She is currently fulfilling knowledge, skill, and competency requirements to prepare for the CVPM (certified veterinary practice manager) designation in 2024.

In her role, Jennifer employs coach-style leadership and believes that great teams are created through honesty, open communication and building on individual strengths. She believes in constant development and encourages team members to avoid “The way that we’ve always done things” mindset. Her team goals include providing gold standard care for both clients and patients while fostering a positive and fun work environment.

Originally from Clifton, Jennifer now resides in Byram, NJ and shares her home with her husband and several pets.  They currently have three dogs named Lou-Ann, Luciano, and Jolene, two Guinea pigs named Rita and Simone, Mango a leopard gecko, Gorman a crested gecko, Carl a Russian tortoise, and a horse named Liam. Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys horseback riding and is an avid off-road motorcyclist and ATV rider.