Meet Our Team

Ballston Quarter

Jessica Williams Stylist

Jessica Stylist

I've been grooming for 14 years. I am educated in all breeds. I have certifications on skin, coat, and gentle handling. If you’d like to check out my work, my Instagram is @theeverydaygroomer and you can find me on Facebook here.

Lyn Ballston Groomer

Lyn Stylist

My name is Carolyn but I go by Lyn. I have two pups of my own and we love to spend my time off outside, hiking and exploring. I have been a groomer since 2016. I began my grooming journey in California at a pet resort and spa and fell in love with pampering pups in a calm environment. I learned a lot through hands on training from a very supportive pro groomer. After a year and a half there I moved to Massachusetts and began working at Petco. I was surrounded by very skilled groomers who focused more on the qualities of their grooms, rather than the speed of the services. They taught me a lot about style and perfecting my haircuts. I also received the title of pro groomer after working there for a year. My third grooming job was Heart + Paw and I continued to strengthen my skills while providing a stress free environment. My most recent employment was back in Massachusetts at Loyal Companion. I am very excited to be back in Arlington (Ballston) and to continue building lasting client relationships with Heart + Paw.

Kayleigh Pfeiffer

Kayleigh Care Coordinator

Kayleigh was born outside of Philadelphia and raised in Hershey, PA. She has earned an associates degree in Communications and has been working in veterinary medicine for over 2 years. Kayleigh has been an animal lover for as long as she can remember, with many pictures of her as a child with a stuffed animal in hand. Some of Kayleigh's favorite things include brunch, Taylor Swift, and true crime podcasts. She is so excited to continue to cultivate relationships with patients and clients.

Kayla Burdzinski

Kayla Veterinary Assistant

Kayla was born and raised in Broomfield, Colorado. Making the move to Virginia in 2017 on whim with her husband and car load of pets. From a young age, Kayla knew that she wanted to work with animals. She grew up spending much of her time training her childhood dog tricks, rescuing any stays she found and helping them in any way she could. It wasn’t until highschool, when she found that working as a vet technician was a career path for her. She always had a passion for helping animals in any way she could. After graduating from The Community College of Denver in 2011 with her Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology, Kayla began working as a Veterinary Technician soon after graduation. Staying in the field ever since she has worked with a variety of animals from exotics to cats and dogs. Growing her skills and passion over the years. Kayla now lives in Alexandria with her husband and their three dogs; Sydnee, Banks and Lando , and their cat, Mischa. She spends her days-off outside exploring the area we live in, whether it’s running, adventuring with her husband and pups, or enjoying a beer at a local brewery or taste testing new vegan cuisine.

Edward Grossmick

Edward Veterinary Assistant

My name is Edward, I was born in New Jersey but have lived many places, being a military child. I have been in vet med for about 5 years and cannot see myself doing anything else. I started out working in a kennel setting and slowly came to grow more and more interested in veterinary medicine. There is no better feeling than seeing the happy little faces of all the pets we help. While I'm not working, I enjoy taking my three dogs to the park and spending time with my ferrets and birds. I also enjoy playing video games and working with technology like my 3D Printer.

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Jennifer Veterinary Assistant

Jennifer was born and raised in Alexandria, VA. She got her undergraduate degree in Biology from James Madison University. She got her first pet while a senior in college and although it wasn't clear right away, she started her journey as a veterinarian assistant shortly after graduating and has fallen in love with the field since. Jennifer enjoys taking her dog on walks and playing Fetch with her.

Danah Ballston Va

Danah Veterinary Assistant

Danah has always had a passion for animals since she was young; from rescuing lost pets or bringing strays home without permission. Her favorite breed is the Mastiff. The bigger the better! This passion drove her to study Animal Behavior with a minor in Psychology. She now has a career as a veterinary assistant and has absolutely loved it for 3 years. In her free time, she loves to play wrestle with her giant French Mastiff named Lord Hamm.

Charity Ballston Carecoord

Charity Care Coordinator

Charity was born in raised in Arlington, VA and has been in the Veterinary Field since 2016. Starting off in a daycare facility to be able to play with the pets, soon turned into a mission to learn more about animal health and wellness. As a child she always had some sort of furry animal, ranging from hamsters and guinea pigs, to rabbits and then dogs once her mom allowed them! Charity currently has two amazing cats by the name of Azure and Scar, who she found outside of her brother's home in 2019 as kittens. In her free time, she loves to go to the creek to unwind, visit botanical gardens if the weather allows, or watch re runs of her favorite shows/movies.