Benefits of Heart + Paw Prevention Plans

Tailored Prevention Plans Help Keep Your Pet Healthy.

Talk to a vet near you to customize a Prevention Plan that fits perfectly with your pet’s lifestyle and your budget.

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What are Prevention Plans?

A Prevention Plan includes one year of wellness, tailored to your pet’s unique needs by you and your veterinarian. Ben Franklin was right about an ounce of prevention being better than a pound of cure. Our wellness plans are the best way to provide routine care throughout the year.

Prevention plans are a great way to budget for the best care for your four-legged kid. Convenient, interest-free payments make it easy to budget for the best care.

Unlimited vet tech appointments give you peace of mind and easy access to experts for any questions, concerns, or happy visits.

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Why get a Prevention Plan?

Because no two pets are the same.

A dog living out on a country farm is going have different health needs and concerns than a cat living in a city high rise. That’s why at Heart + Paw, we analyze every aspect of your lifestyle to determine which services and options best suit you and your pet.

Because you get unlimited vet tech visits.

Not every appointment has to be with your veterinarian. Heart + Paw vet techs are licensed professionals who can help you with things like how to administer medications to your pet and so much more. With a Prevention Plan, you get unlimited access to advice on how to care for your furry companion.

Talk to your vet about Prevention Plans.

What services are included in Prevention Plans?

Each pet is different, which is why we offer many service options to include in your Prevention Plan to cover all your pet’s needs. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your furry best friend so that we can anticipate all the care they’re going to need throughout the year. This may include vaccines, routine check-ups, dental care, lab work, urinalysis, spay or neuter surgery, and other advanced diagnostics as needed.

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Prevention Plans for Dogs

Your canine family member will benefit from a plan that’s catered to his or her health needs. We’ll recommend a variety of routine care services, vaccinations, dental care, and other advanced services as needed for dogs.

Prevention Plans for Cats

It’s recommended that cats get a wellness check-up at least once a year. In addition to routine health exams, cat Prevention Plans can also include vaccinations, feline leukemia and FIV testing, dental care, and other services as needed.

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Pet Insurance vs. Prevention Plans

Prevention Plans and pet insurance work together to help ensure that your dogs and cats get the care they need. A Heart + Paw Prevention Plan is a great way to keep up with the routine wellness care and services, while pet insurance can help cover things like unexpected surgeries and medications.

Prevention is Better than a Cure

Routine preventive care helps us catch early signs of health problems. This allows our vets to begin treatments for a better prognosis for your pet. Being proactive about your pet’s health can actually help you prevent the cost of future illness.

Get a Prevention Plan today!

To discuss Prevention Plans with your vet, book a visit at a Heart + Paw near you.