Heart + Paw Urgent Vet Care Visits FAQ

What is an urgent vet care visit?

Much like urgent care for humans, our urgent vet care visits are intended to provide wellness-based comprehensive care for pets with non-life-threatening injuries or illnesses that cannot wait for a regular veterinary appointment.

Urgent care visits do not need an appointment. You and your pet may simply walk into any of our centers offering urgent care services. Due to the nature of walk-in urgent care, wait times may vary. When you check in for an urgent care visit, our care coordinators and veterinary team will quickly assess the situation and make sure your pet is not in any distress.

Urgent care patients will be seen in order of arrival as well as order of urgency. Please note: It is possible someone may walk in after you, but be seen before you due to the urgent nature of their pet’s condition. Please be patient with us. We will do our very best to see you as soon as possible! Urgent care visits include a small fee surcharge.

dog at heart + paw for urgent vet care

What types of services are NOT available for urgent vet care visits?

  • Surgeries
  • Major medical traumas
  • Grooming
  • Daycare

How long do urgent vet care visits usually wait?

Wait times may vary from 5 minutes to 45+ minutes based on the number of clients ahead of you and nature of the needs of the pets.

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