Pet Insurance
Can Help You
Budget for
Your Pet’s Care.

Is pet insurance right for you and your four-legged family member? We can help you find out.

pet insurance for heart + paw pets

What You Need to Know About Pet Insurance

At Heart + Paw, we know unplanned medical expenses can happen. We also know that pet insurance can help you cover those unplanned expenses and make your life easier. That’s why we want you to focus on the fun part of parenthood and not stress about unplanned medical bills or being unable to get essential care for your pet.

What is Pet Insurance and How Does It Work?

Pet insurance is similar to human health insurance. It makes it easier for you to manage your pet’s medical costs and anticipate unexpected emergencies, which can often be expensive. When you invest in a pet insurance plan, you protect your pet by ensuring they are able to receive the care they need. You also protect your budget and peace of mind, and don’t have to stress about covering all your pet’s treatment costs. There are many pet insurance options available with premiums and deductibles to suit your specific circumstances.

Pet Insurance Providers

If you would like to learn about different pet insurance providers on the market, here are three examples to help you get started!

Fetch Pet Insurance Logo

Fetch Pet Insurance is a pet wellness company that offers the most comprehensive pet insurance for dogs and cats. With Fetch, you can visit any licensed vet in the U.S. or Canada, including specialists and emergency clinics. You'll get reimbursed for up to 90% of unexpected vet bills and, when you add Fetch Wellness, you'll save up to $735 a year on routine vet care.  After your vet visit, you can easily submit claims and medical records through the Fetch app. Once approved, you'll be paid back in as little as two days by direct deposit.

As a Heart + Paw client, you will receive 10% off your injury & illness plan every month for life.

Trupanion pet insurance

Trupanion offers both dog insurance and cat insurance. With Trupanion, all customers receive one simple plan that covers all unexpected injuries, illnesses, accidents, and medical conditions, including breed-specific conditions, making it clear what’s covered and what’s not. Trupanion reimburses customers for 90% of their vet bills without payout limits once they’ve met their deductibles.

pumpkin pet insurance

Pumpkin is a pet care company offering pet insurance for accidents and illnesses plus an optional Preventative Essentials Pack that can pay you back for annual wellness exam fees, key vaccines, and lab tests each year. Their Preventative Essentials Pack is not insurance, but an optional benefit you can easily add to your plan if you want refunds for wellness care.

Heart + Paw provides this information as a service to clients; however, Heart + Paw does not endorse, confirm, or guarantee any level of coverage for any services provided. For details on plans and coverage, please contact the pet insurance company directly using the links above.