Routine Wellness

Minimal-Stress Pet Diagnostic Imaging and Ultrasound.

At Heart + Paw, we use modern technology to help us make the right diagnosis for your furry friend.

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Digital X-Ray Equipment

Radiology is an essential diagnostic tool that allows us to offer the highest quality care for our patients. Each center has modern digital radiography units that allow us to obtain the best possible imaging for our patients. Digital technology allows us to have state of the art radiographs to aid in diagnosing whether a patient has a problem or not.

Our system allows us to store the images and send studies for further evaluation. In addition, we have ultrasound equipment at each center allowing for quick scans to assess many medical problems right in our center or partner hospital.

Our pet x-ray equipment is leading edge in general practice and allows us to get the radiographs necessary the first time. Studies are performed by trained and experienced technicians who ensure that all safety measures are taken while taking radiographs protecting your pet. Diagnostics are performed with minimal stress and discomfort for the patient and we strive to share the studies with the pet parent.

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