Go on Travel Adventures with Your Pets

With growing health concerns, many airlines and other means of transportation are requiring USDA Health Certificates for your pets.

USDA Accredited Veterinarians at Heart + Paw

Now more than ever, airlines and other means of mass transportation are requiring that you adhere to animal health requirements when traveling with your dogs and cats. The USDA recommends, “As soon as you know your travel details, contact your local veterinarian to assist with the pet travel process.” Our veterinarians are USDA Certified and can help you:'

  • Obtain a USDA health certificate for your pet
  • Update vaccinations and provide documentation
  • Diagnostic testing to meet requirements
  • Administration or documentation of necessary medications or treatments
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“We know how important it is for our pet parents to travel with their furbabies. We’re here to help make sure they have the necessary certificates and documentation to travel safely and securely with their pets by their sides.”

Dr. Killian Lenanen
East Market, Philadelphia

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Domestic and International Travel Certificates

Whether your pet health certificate needs are for domestic or international travel, we can help. Please note that nearly every country requires a USDA accredited veterinarian to issue an international health certificate before you travel internationally with your cat or dog.

You should check with your airline carrier to see if they have any specific or additional requirements when traveling with your dog or cat domestically or internationally. According to the USDA, “It’s also important to remember that various U.S agencies regulate the entry of your pet back into the United States – plan ahead and check those requirements on the website before you go.”

Heart + Paw Locations That Offer Travel Certificates

  • Animal Veterinary Center, Heart + Paw Partner
  • Callowhill Heart + Paw
  • East Market Heart + Paw
  • Glen Mills Heart + Paw
  • Lint Veterinary Services, Heart + Paw Partner
  • King of Prussia Heart + Paw
  • Marlton Heart + Paw
  • Northern Liberties Heart + Paw
  • Park Lane Animal Hospital, Heart + Paw Partner
  • South Peak Veterinary Hospital, Heart + Paw Partner