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Apache Trail Animal Hospital Veterinarian and Animal Hospital in Antioch, TN

Apache Trail Animal Hospital is a Heart + Paw Partner Practice. While it may have a different look and feel, it is backed by the same incredible technology that our Heart + Paw centers use.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality veterinary services to pets in Antioch. As your partner in pet parenthood, we are here to provide the veterinary care your dog or cat needs in a comfortable, welcoming environment. Our veterinarian and team are here to help your four-legged friend live a healthy, happy life and spend many years by your side. Give us a call to schedule your pet’s appointment today!

Low-Stress Veterinary Care in Antioch, TN

Apache Trail Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary center serving dogs and cats in the Antioch, TN, area. We provide wellness services in a stress-free environment. By providing the care your pet needs in one convenient location, we are equipped to help your four-legged family member live a long, healthy life.

  • Wellness Exams

    Routine Wellness Exams for kittens, puppies, and adult dogs/ cats
    Allergy testing
    Nail trims
    Diabetic Care
    Tick Diagnostics (Tick Blood Diseases)

  • Surgery

    Spay, Neuter
    Limited Orthopedic Surgeries
    Soft Tissue Surgeries

  • Microchipping

  • Pet Vaccinations

    Core vaccinations (DHPP, Bordatella, Parvovirus)
    Rabies vaccinations (1 yr/ 3 yr)
    Optional vaccinations (Lyme, Leptospirosis)

  • Flea and Tick

    Flea/tick control and management
    Heartworm testing and preventive care

  • Animal Dental Care

    Preventive Care
    Dental Care, Cleaning + Hygiene
    Tooth Extractions + surgeries

  • Pet Euthanasia

Meet Your Apache Trail Animal Hospital Doctors

Karen Fox Dvm Easy Resize.com 768x1152

Dr. Karen Fox DVM

Dr. Perra

Dr. Corinne Perra DVM

Dr. Corinne Perra earned her Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry and molecular biology from University of Northern British Columbia, Canada. Moving to a warmer climate, she pursued her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St Kitts with a clinical year at Oregon State. Following graduation, she relocated after graduation to Wilmington, North Carolina, where she practiced in a general practice clinic. She has a special interest in soft tissue surgery, dentistry, and preventative medicine. At home, Dr. Perra has 4 cats; two of which were rescued from St Kitts and have become international travelers. Outside the clinic, Dr. Perra loves hiking, experience nature, gardening, and painting.

Fatima Fuzman

Fatima Guzman Veterinary Assistant / Translator

I was born in Georgia, but I grew up here in Nashville. I received my bachelor's degree in Biology from Lipscomb University in 2021. By helping my mom translate at vet visits as a kid, I knew I wanted to go into veterinary medicine. I am currently applying to vet school, and hope to go into small animal medicine. I have been at Apache Trail Animal Hospital since 2018. I am a vet assistant, but I am also the Spanish translator here. I absolutely love being able to help my clients understand the health of their pet. Apart from my love for animals, some of my hobbies include bowling, listening to Harry Styles, and traveling. Fun fact: My favorite dog breed is a Chihuahua.

Reviews for Apache Trail Animal Hospital

Kelly Marett
Kelly Marett
17:36 28 Dec 22
I had an exceptional experience at Apache Trail this morning, despite quite an intense visit for my kitty man. He's... gonna be ok, just getting old & lots of tests. The facility is cozy, just like being at home. What really stands out is the staff. They were extremely kind, thorough and knowledgeable. I always felt that my little buddy was in good hands. Highly recommend!read more
Robert Scholz (Bob)
Robert Scholz (Bob)
21:21 21 Nov 22
There's a rotation of veterinarians that work for this hospital, management and support staff are overworked yet still... somehow project a positive attitude. Many of the labs can be performed on site, saving time and providing a quicker response.read more
Melvin Castro
Melvin Castro
08:25 08 Nov 22
So far they have been great dealing with my two dogs. My female gets very scared coming to vets and it’s always a... struggle getting her to stay still but the employees working with her to get her checkups done and vaccines. Actually taking her to get an x-ray done tomorrow, they will have to sedate for the procedure. Parking lot can get a little crowded but only during really busy times.read more
Kim Wright
Kim Wright
02:45 24 Aug 22
I cannot thank Dr. Fox and her amazing staff enough for all the work they have performed to do everything possible... formy female Yorkie, Boo.With her prior veterinary clinic, she had a dental cleaning performed and the very next time I took her there after that procedure, she had a seizure. She continued to have seizures every single time I took her back there so I thought it would be best to change veterinary offices. I am so glad I did!!I do want to advise that I do not suspect her past doctor and staff of any wrongdoings. I just think something must have scared Boo and I do not know what but I do not believe the doctor nor staff had anything directly to do with the seizures.Dr. Fox believed that Boo may have Cushings Disease but it had not yet progressed to full-blown status. So, I am getting used to that diagnosis and then I notice a couple of other issues with her which I attributed to the Cushing’s. Dr. Fox told me she thought she might be diabetic and, exactly the way Dr. Fox called it, she is diabetic. We have been maneuvering to achieve the correct insulin dosage and my little Boo is doing so much better.Dr. Fox and all her staff have been nothing short of wonderful to me and Boo. Boo is a difficult patient. Her only issue is that she stresses so much. She will not sit still nor cooperate even when trying to just get her weight. It seems that Apache Trail Animal Hospital may have seen it all. They have worked so hard with Boo that she is finally beginning to be calmer during vet visits and NO MORE SEIZURES!! How do they do it? I believe they do everything they do for the care, health and well-being of their patients. They have each and everyone been integral to Boo’s improvements and they are making a difference with her.I cannot thank Dr. Fox and her staff enough for everything they have done and are doing. Dr. Fox is my hero and now they get to take care of my male Yorkie, Harlee, so he can get back on track.Dr. Fox, thank you so very much! My thoughts and prayers are with you.read more
Melissa Stacy
Melissa Stacy
00:31 27 Jul 22
Wow, What a knowledgeable and professional team at this clinic!!! The manager Cindy is exceptional…her years of... experience really show. And her team was great too….a tech named meecre I think was one of the kindest employees I’ve ever met. You can tell he is very passionate about his job. And Dr Fox was amazing as well. Took the time to explain things and helped my pet feel more relaxed. Clinic was very clean and appt ran on time! I will def be back!!!! Highly recommend!read more
Chloe Johnson
Chloe Johnson
13:52 15 Jul 22
ANOTHER EDIT: My new vet was able to diagnose my cat with Miliary Dermatitis within a single visit. He knew right off... the bat that none of the medications that Apache Trail tried would have ever worked on my girl. Clavamox drops (prescribed 2/15), Clindrops Oral (prescribed 2/17), and Clindamycin Capsules (prescribed 2/18), do absolutely nothing for Miliary Dermatitis as it is not an infection. Again, my new vet right away knew that no antibiotic would treat this. The Clavamox Drops cost me $44.38, the Clindamycin Capsules cost me $15, and the Clindrops (even though I requested all of my invoices from them, they NEVER sent me the invoice that includes the Clindrops on them, but from what you can find online, that is approximately $10). I was put out almost $70, SEVENTY dollars by a vet that could not diagnose the condition, even though it is very common.Also, if your animal is getting any sort of vaccines or labs done, they charge a $7 biohazard disopsal fee each visit for sharps. No other vet in my career of owning animals (I have used at least 5 vets), has EVER charged this, and they did not disclose this prior. Again, RUN.There are hidden fees with a lot of their procedural care, so make sure to get EXACT prices before your first visit. No massive issues until today when we were almost charged for an exam even though I told them multiple times what we were specifically here for. Charged full price for half a nail trim and was not told beforehand that we would be charged for the full trim when I only needed the back nails done. I'm able to get the front at home by myself. Pushed meds on us for car sickness when I explained to the tech over and over that this rarely happens now and that I accidentally fed her this morning since I was overwhelmed with a lot of other things. After about 5 mentions and sharing the price he finally stopped. Neither of the people that entered the room today introduced themselves either. This whole process makes me really fearful of what care was like when they were just curbside and if my fur babies actually needed all of the medications they were prescribed, especially my cat, because none of them ever worked. Find care elsewhere.EDIT TO NOTE: I was never told by the tech that when I ONLY asked for half of her nails to be trimmed that it would cost full price. There were already two people in there, and there is no cost for using a nail trimmer. I explained thoroughly to the vet tech about 5 times that car sickness was very, very rare for Belle, and yet he still tried to tell me I needed this medication. This vet says they care, but they don't. RUN. They did re-fund me for the nail trim, but that was only because I posted about it.read more
Teresa Watkins
Teresa Watkins
00:52 11 Jun 22
They are the absolute best vets. They take care of my baby just like she was theirs. They even call me just to check on... her. Love themread more
Leigh Jackson
Leigh Jackson
23:44 09 Jun 22
Two of my cats had surgery there today. I was pleased with every aspect of things. They went over everything at drop... off and pick up. They seem very thorough. I'm very thankful for them taking care of my babies anytime I bring them in.read more
22:22 30 Apr 22
The staff was nice, I took my dog in for the first time to get my dog nails cut however one of the nails spilt I didn’t... notice until later afternoon. Please check your work after you finish.read more
Sarah Brassell
Sarah Brassell
11:15 19 Apr 22
Everyone that I saw at Apache Trail Animal Hospital was very kind during one of the hardest days. I had to have my cat... euthanized because she was severely ill. They allowed my 3 children in the room as well to say goodbye and they were all so very patient and kind. They gave us a beautiful clay pawprint and a few days later in the mail I received a card and it was signed by everyone we saw that day with a very kind message from each person. I very much recommend this place.read more
Alisa Richardson
Alisa Richardson
15:22 28 Sep 21
I love Apache Trail hospital. They always take great care of my dog Max, and he is a piece of work. Max is not as... friendly with everyone there but they are still attentive to him.They know what to expect out of him and love to see him coming. I have been bringing him there for exams, and boarding for 7 years. I will not change it for nothing. Thank you for always taking care of my little monster!read more
Jill Sharpe
Jill Sharpe
17:42 18 Sep 21
They're wonderful. Treated our pets like they genuinely care. This is our family. Stupid people should not be in this... business. Hence being so thankful for Apache Trail. What a Godsend. And here we stay.read more
Martin Bartow
Martin Bartow
18:54 20 Jul 21
I’m new to the Nashville area, I called 3 vets prior to Apache and all of them turn down new clients (COVID ya... know?).I was starting to panic when I called Apache and the wonderful receptionist promptly and kindly made me an appointment for that morning.Long story short, all the staff are lovely professionals and they treated my dog for her infection and alleviated all my worries. My dog was much happier upon leaving and I even managed to get to work on time.Absolutely will be returning as well as suggesting them to all who need help with their pets!read more
betty schoenberg
betty schoenberg
15:50 26 Jun 21
Worst vet-money hungry. I brought my dog in for shots and a nail trim .I was told I could not get the parvo or rabies... vaccine without an exam. I paid for the exam and shots. The doctor did not do the exam but gave him the shots. I asked for a refund for the fifty dollar 2 second exam and was told I could not get a refund for the time the vet spent with my dog. Dr. Fox is just interested in money and if you can not afford a couple of hundred dollars for heartworm for your dog-you are a terrible owner.read more
Baki baki ni ore
Baki baki ni ore
19:36 12 Jun 21
They're always so friendly here and my Pikachu gets very well taken care of
Zacheriah Wills
Zacheriah Wills
14:20 06 Feb 21
My fiance loves coming here, both of our dogs are taken care of and happy!
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Make easy, monthly payments on your pet’s medical bills with CareCredit. Apache Trail Animal Hospital gladly offers CareCredit payment plans for your convenience and peace of mind. We understand that your financial situation can change suddenly, and this can result in your pet missing a checkup or two. With CareCredit, you can continue to provide veterinary care for your pet, but with less stress about costs.

Apply in person or click below to apply online today!

Make easy, monthly payments on your pet’s medical bills with CareCredit. Apache Trail Animal Hospital gladly offers CareCredit payment plans for your convenience and peace of mind. We understand that your financial situation can change suddenly, and this can result in your pet missing a checkup or two. With CareCredit, you can continue to provide veterinary care for your pet, but with less stress about costs.

Apply in person or click below to apply online today!

Partnering with Heart + Paw

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