Dog Grooming in Baltimore, MD

Heart + Paw Fells Point in Baltimore, Maryland is a full-service veterinary center bringing you and your four-legged family member an elevated pet grooming experience.

Safe and Low-Stress Pet Grooming:

Our Fells Point pet grooming center features large windows so that parents can watch their pet being groomed from the comfort of the courtyard. Walk-in tubs have non-slip tiles, lift tables are steady and quiet, and reduced pet grooming time means less stress for your furry friend.

Fells Point Heart + Paw Staff Spotlight

Caitlin Fells


Caitlin Wright

Caitlin is a registered professional pet stylist with the National Dog Groomers Association of America, with 7 years of experience under their belt. They frequently attend educational seminars and grooming competitions, as providing the safest, best, and skillful service is of utmost importance to them. Caitlin specializes in breed standard grooms, Asian fusion style, senior pets, and large double coated breeds, as well as creative grooming. If you’re looking for extra flair or style, Caitlin is a great choice for a pet stylist!

More About Fells Point Heart + Paw

At Heart + Paw, we bring vet care, pet grooming, and daycare together in one convenient space for happy, healthy pets.

Fells Point Care

Get routine wellness, pet surgeries, Prevention Plans, and more in a stress-free environment.

Fells Point Play

We believe that dog daycare should be enriching and rewarding for our four-legged family members.