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Centereach, NY 11720

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Monday 9am – 5pm
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Animal Medical Hospital of Centereach, New York

Heart + Paw Partner

Animal Medical Hospital of Centereach

Animal Medical Hospital of Centereach is a Heart + Paw Partner Practice. While it may have a different look and feel, it is backed by the same incredible technology that our Heart + Paw centers use.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality veterinary services to pets in Centereach. As your partner in pet parenthood, we are here to provide the veterinary care your dog or cat needs in a comfortable, welcoming environment. Our veterinarian and team are here to help your four-legged friend live a healthy, happy life and spend many years by your side. Give us a call to schedule your pet’s appointment today!

Low-Stress Veterinary Care in Centereach, NY

Animal Medical Hospital of Centereach is a full-service veterinary center serving dogs and cats in the Centereach, NY, area. We provide wellness services in a stress-free environment. By providing the care your pet needs in one convenient location, we are equipped to help your four-legged family member live a long, healthy life.

Wellness Exams
• Routine Wellness Exams for kittens, puppies, and adult dogs/ cats
• Allergy testing
• Nail trims
• Deworming
• Diabetic Care
• Tick Diagnostics (Tick Blood Diseases)

• Spay, Neuter
• Limited Orthopedic Surgeries
• Soft Tissue Surgeries


Pet Vaccinations
• Core vaccinations (DHPP, Bordatella, Parvovirus)
• Rabies vaccinations (1 yr/ 3 yr)
• Optional vaccinations (Lyme, Leptospirosis)

Flea and Tick
• Flea/tick control and management
• Heartworm testing and preventive care

Animal Dental Care
• Preventive Care
• Dental Care, Cleaning + Hygiene
• Tooth Extractions + surgeries

House Calls

Pet Euthanasia

Meet Your Animal Medical Hospital of Centereach Doctor

Reviews for Animal Medical Hospital of Centereach

Animal Medical Hospital of Centereach
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Laura Finn
Laura Finn
12:15 14 Oct 21
Dr. Greco was very kind and caring. He gave me different options and guided me to find the perfect surgeon for my dog.... All the employees were kind and sweet.read more
Lizzie Anne
Lizzie Anne
18:46 16 Sep 21
The staff are very sweet, efficient, and knowledgeable but Dr.Greco is in and out of the room very quick. He has seen... my ferret, and my bearded dragon. I knew something was wrong with my dragon but he told me she was healthy and not to do a fecal. He also told me incorrect husbandry such as very high basking temperatures. I do a lot of research on my own regarding my pets. Thankfully I did not listen to him and 2 days later I called and had them do a fecal on her. The fecal found that she had a very high count of coccidia.My ferret was progressively losing weight and having diarrhea/loose stool. Dr.Greco assured us that he was at a good weight, he probably had a short digestive tract which he stated was the cause of the diarrhea, and told us that running additional tests was not necessary because he was still eating and active.2-3 weeks later he continued losing weight, was barley eating, and extremely lethargic. We just brought him to a different exotic vet and they diagnosed him with a foreign body that appeared to be there for quite a while which has been the cause of his loose stool, not eating as much, and being lethargic. He now has to have surgery to remove the foreign body (likely a hair ball) and see if there is any damage to his intestines due to the length of time it has been in there.I was told by the new vet not to bring my pets back to this office. I have heard great things about Dr. Greco treating cats/dogs but in my experience he does not seem knowledgeable enough to be considered an "exotic vet". Make sure you do your own research and go with your gut. If I didn't, both of my pets could have passed away. Best of luck choosing an exotic vet, they are not the easiest to find. Don't settle.read more
Karen Garrant
Karen Garrant
21:11 03 Sep 21
Very nice staff .Dr grecco could of stayed in the room longer
Michael Gigante
Michael Gigante
22:58 25 Jul 21
They are great at helping my chickens. I have been here for a chicken with a broken leg who is doing great and a... chicken who had a prolapse vent..who unfortunately had to be put down. Everyone is very nice and their prices are very fair.read more
James Morris
James Morris
18:39 07 Jul 21
Dr. Greco- and his staff are very sympathetic to your pet and their needs very caring place
Stacey Sharp
Stacey Sharp
08:41 01 Jul 21
They were able to fit us in quickly and knew immediately what the problem was. Now my kitty is feeling so much... better. 😊read more
Chiara Cange
Chiara Cange
15:18 24 May 21
This vet is a nightmare. Gave them more than one chance to do the right thing but each experience proved to be worse... than the last. For all 3 of my animals they had run into issues stitching them up right and giving them the correct medication. Very unprofessional and rude staff. Would stay far away from the place, they very obviously do not care about animals. Also they tried overcharging me on multiple occasions... very sketchy.read more
Glenn Wade
Glenn Wade
12:12 20 May 21
I trust this vet with my dog. He won't do work or surgery just for the money , like many others will. When my dog blow... out her ACL , another vet wanted $5k to do surgery on her. Dr Greco said "leave it alone, it will scar tissue over." Within a few weeks she was back to running around and has never had a problem with it since. It's great to have a Dr you can trust!!!read more
Kei S
Kei S
18:56 18 May 21
Horrible experience here and honestly would hate to come back here. There are multiple factors that led to this... horrible experience. I called a week before 05/09 (mother's day) and the person answering my call told me specifically they were open that day and that I wouldn't have to worry about it. I live rather far away so I drove an hour and half to get there only to find no one inside and no one to answer the call. They hadn't called me the day before nor did anyone leave a voicemail. I thought that was extremely unprofessional and the space inside was rather filthy. It wasn't open but through the glass I could see that the hospital wasn't in the best of conditions compared to other areas. What's worse is that on the glass was a piece of paper that held the schedule and they're not even open on Sundays in general! I think that the employees there should really be better informed on situations like this instead of feeding to their customers false information like they did to me. When I called back in all they told me there was nothing that could be done and they repeated my phone number back to me and it was not the right one (the employee that I talked to first even repeated it back to me and it was the correct one) I do not understand how this mistake was made and that no one bothered to inform me on it. Very unprofessional, had high expectations and this ended horribly. Would never make an appointment or come back again.read more
Amanda Alfredson
Amanda Alfredson
00:10 27 Dec 20
Today I brought my bird here who has been acting weird and wheezing. When I called at 11:50 they said they closed soon... but could take us at 12:15. When I couldn’t make it there in time they stayed open until we got there (at 12:30), on a holiday weekend, for a patient they had never seen before. Not only we they extremely sweet and thorough, but he then recommended that we rush him to the emergency hospital, called them so they knew we were coming and the situation, and then told us not to worry about the money for the visit to them and just get him the help he needed. So grateful for this vet they are truly wonderful here!read more
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Partnering with Heart + Paw

Animal Medical Hospital of Centereach partnered with Heart + Paw in August 2021.