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Happier, Healthier Pets Starts Here

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At Heart + Paw, we treat you and your pet like family in a way that no one else has. Offering full-service veterinary care, our team will get to know your pet over time, regardless of if you’re visiting us for a groom, spending the day in daycare, or are just here for an annual exam!

About Our Heart + Paw Centers

Convenient Space for Modern Pet Parents

Heart + Paw Centers offer integrated pet-care serving pets and their parents. Bringing together a tailored physical space and digital experience designed for the dynamics between pets, their parents, and the care team, our brand serves the modern dimensions of pet parenthood.

Heart + Paw offers a combination of veterinary care, grooming, daycare, retail, and other complementary services. Thoughtfully designed, digitally enabled, and powered by the best and the brightest, Heart + Paw is a destination for pets and their parents.

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Designed for Pets, Backed by Industry Experience

Our teams are comprised of pet-obsessed professionals who provide your pet with a low-stress veterinary experience. Your pet will look forward to visits with us (and not just because we give them plenty of love and treats).

Designed with our four-legged family members in mind, co-founder Dr. George Melillo took his experience in the veterinary industry and designed centers with the pet as the focus.

We treat your pets like our own, from the moment they walk through our doors – which even often includes a feature on our Instagram stories, snuggles on the couch in between appointments, and extra scratches behind the ears.

A Welcoming Space for Your Pet and You

When you walk into our center, you’ll be welcomed into our courtyard, where we encourage pet parents to stay and hang out.

  • Bring your laptop, and plug-in during your pet’s appointment.
  • Watch your dog from large windows during play time.
  • Browse our selection of retail products.
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Our Partner Practices

While they may look different or operate using a different name, our partner practices provide the same high-quality veterinary care you can expect in a Heart + Paw center.

Partnering with best-in-class independent practices, Heart + Paw is committed to building something new, distinct, and lasting. Our teams at partner practices use the same internal record-keeping system, scheduling, and client communication tools you would find in a Heart + Paw location. We are proud to be able to continue the legacy of our partner practices.

Experience the Heart + Paw Difference

At Heart + Paw, we not only empower our doctors to make the veterinary center their own, we encourage them to explore different ways to practice medicine, so we can continue providing you with an unbelievable experience – every time. This is pet care re-imagined.

Heart + Paw Services

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We offer a variety of veterinary services, including routine wellness checkups, pet surgeries, dental care, and more.

Our Centers Grooming Products


Treat your dog to a day at the spa in our full-service pet-grooming salons.

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Let your dog unleash energy and make new friends in our safe and clean playrooms.