Did You Know Cats Need to be Vaccinated? Here’s 6 Reasons Why

Many people are aware that pets that go outside or that spend time at pet daycare need to be vaccinated, but there are just as many pet owners that think that their indoor-only cats don’t need vaccines. While there is much less risk of your pet being exposed to a variety of illnesses that can be vaccinated for if they just live at home with you, there are still reasons that you should vaccinate your pet.

Getting your cat vaccinated can protect them from the things that you never planned on happening. There are also some kinds of illnesses that are entirely preventable just with vaccines. Being able to spare your pet from getting these illnesses is key since your vaccine protocol could save your pet’s life.

cat vaccinations

1. You Can Bring Illnesses Home with You

If you head to a friend’s house and they have a new kitten, it might be carrying some of the common illnesses that cats can be vaccinated for. You might think the kitten is healthy while you are playing with them, but really, they could be carrying an illness that you can communicate to your cat when you get home. Exposing your pets to illness is easier than you might think, even if they don’t go outside or head to the groomer or to be boarded.

Many owners are surprised at just how easy it is to communicate an illness to your pet just by engaging with other animals out in the world that you see at friends’ houses or stores.

2. Vaccines Can Protect Against Death

There are many cat ailments that are deadly that you can vaccinate for. Being sure that your pet will never get sick with any of these common deadly diseases can offer a lot of peace of mind. Many pet owners are willing to vaccinate just to be sure that their pet never gets any of these conditions during their lifetime. Even if the chances of your pet getting exposed to these illnesses is small, you should not allow your pet to suffer from them and potentially die when they are so easy to prevent.

3. You Can’t Predict When Your Pet Might be Exposed

While it is easy to say that you would never let your pet get outside or run away, these things happen when you least expect them to. You might also find that your pet has to go to the veterinarian for emergency care and they are exposed to a severe illness by another pet that is in treatment. If your cat has not been vaccinated, they are much more likely to get sick with a wide array of common ailments that might bring pets in to see the vet.

This exposure can be mitigated by the staff at the vet hospital, but it can’t be entirely prevented. Caring for your pet means thinking about the unique situations that could still lead to your pet getting sick through no fault of their own.

4. You Are Protecting Other Cats as Well

Vaccinations protect other pets around your cat from getting sick too. This is part of the function of widespread vaccination since not all vaccines 100% prevent the illness that your pet is being vaccinated for. When you choose to vaccinate your cat, you are choosing to protect other pets from getting sick too. Vaccinations need to be a community-wide effort, and everyone needs to play a role for them to be truly effective and offer their maximum benefit to pet owners.

5. Vaccines Are Not That Expensive

At the end of the day, the cost of a vet visit and the vaccines that your pet needs to get is small compared to expensive hospital treatment and care. Your pet will be much less likely to end up in the animal hospital long-term if you take the time to get them vaccinated for common, serious illnesses. You will also find that many vet hospitals are willing to offer specials for vaccines for first-time visits, or you could choose to take advantage of other vaccine programs.

6. Vaccines Can be Adjusted for Your Pet’s Needs

Many vets are willing to provide the vaccines that your pet needs most but will not recommend that your pet be given every single vaccine possible. There are animals that never get boarded and who never are exposed to other animals that might be eligible to get fewer vaccines than a pet that does all those things. Your pet’s unique health situation could impact their vaccine needs as well. You don’t have to worry that your vet will just give all the possible vaccines that your pet can be given without thinking about their unique health and well-being.

Vaccines Protect All Cats, Not Just Yours

When you choose to vaccinate your cat, you are protecting other animals and other pets as well as yours. You will be helping to create herd immunity, which can be very powerful and can prevent major outbreaks of some feline illnesses. The vaccine schedule can vary as your cat ages, and your pet does not need to have every single vaccine possible. Your vet can create a personalized and effective treatment plan for your pet’s vaccines that is right for their needs and for your budget.

Getting your cat vaccinated is key, even if they live 100% indoors and alone. You can never predict when your pet might get loose or run away from home. Being sure that they are current on their vaccines can help prevent long-term health issues or life-threatening illnesses that could have been avoided.

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