6 Benefits of Taking Your Dog to Daycare

As a dog owner, you may have considered dog daycare for your canine companion. But is it worthwhile to take your pet to daycare? Can your dog really get any benefits from this experience? How do you know if dog daycare is right for your pet?

Below, we’ll walk you through six benefits you and your pet can enjoy when you enroll them in dog daycare. With the help of this guide, you can determine whether you want to try taking your dog to daycare, and you can decide if they are the right type of dog for this experience, too.

dog daycare

1. Socialization

Socialization with other dogs can be daunting for many household pets. When you take your dog to daycare, you can provide them with a safe environment in which to meet other dogs. Your dog can learn canine communication skills and work on interacting properly with dogs they recognize as well as those they don’t.

Additionally, your dog will be able to socialize with humans they don’t know, too. This benefit is an excellent way to help your pet feel comfortable with other people, especially if they don’t have much experience otherwise. Although socialization is especially good for puppies, it can help dogs of all ages.

2. Exercise

At dog daycare, your pet will be encouraged to run and play as much as they want to. They will have plenty of room to run around and have fun with fellow canine friends and will likely be taken on at least one long walk by the daycare attendants, too.

If you work all day long and don’t have much time to walk your pet, dog daycare can be especially beneficial. With the help of a daycare, your dog won’t have to feel cooped up inside all the time while you’re busy with your job.

3. Mental Stimulation

Along with physical exercise, dogs at daycare can enjoy plenty of mental stimulation, too. Mental stimulation may include learning how to communicate and play with new dogs, practicing problem-solving skills, and other unique experiences. Dogs who have plenty of mental stimulation throughout the day are typically calmer when they get home at night, which can be a win-win for you and your pet both!

Mental stimulation at dog daycare can be especially rewarding for puppies, but it is also an important benefit for older dogs as well. Any dog who goes to daycare can enjoy the chance to use their brain more often during the day.

4. Daytime Attention

If your dog has trouble being left alone, or if you worry about what they might do when they have to be by alone all day long, dog daycare is the way to go. At daycare, your dog will be given attention by the daycare employees and will always have a human keeping an eye on their behavior.

Dogs with separation anxiety or dogs who have high energy needs are especially likely to enjoy this benefit when they go to dog daycare. By leaving your dog with a trusted and respected daycare, you won’t have to worry about them while you’re at work.

5. Safety

Safety goes hand-in-hand with regular daytime attention. Your dog will be protected by the employees of the dog daycare, and their safety will be a top priority for them. Pets will be watched carefully and will be removed from any situations in which they could potentially be harmed.

Your dog will also be protected while inside at the daycare. For example, they will not be at risk of getting into harmful substances (such as cleaning materials) like they might be at home without supervision.

6. Training

Sometimes, dog daycares also offer training (or grooming) services on-site. If your dog needs to work with a trainer or enjoy a grooming session, you may be able to book everything at the same location, depending on where you take them.

If your dog daycare does not include training, it can still make your pet easier to train at home. When your dog has been properly exercised and had plenty of mental stimulation during the day, they will be more open to training and learning at home in the evenings as well.

Book Your Pet at Heart + Paw’s Dog Daycare

Dog daycare is an excellent solution for most dogs and pet owners, too. If you’re looking for a way to keep your pet occupied while you’re at work and you want them to enjoy some socialization with other dogs, daycare is the way to go.

Keep in mind, however, that some dogs are not good candidates for daycare. If your dog is very nervous—or, alternately, very aggressive—around other dogs, it’s best to avoid trying daycare. And if your dog has any underlying health issues, daycare may be too stressful for them as well.

Use the online form today to book your pet for dog daycare at one of the Heart + Paw locations!

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