4 Dog Parks to Visit with Your Pet in Philadelphia, PA

Taking your dog to the dog park can be great for their mental health and physical well-being. Many dogs love going to the park to socialize and see other dogs at least a few times a week. If your pet lives in an apartment or a small home without a yard, dog park time can be key to their well-being.

Knowing where to take your dog to have fun makes a difference as well. You will want to consider these dog parks in Philadelphia, PA, as your best bet for fun with your pet. Whether you are visiting the area or have just moved and need to know where to go to have fun with your pet, this list will help you find the right places to get your pet the exercise they need.

There are many on-leash dog parks, but this guide will also let you know which places are off-leash so that you can let your bigger or more active dog really run and play.

dog park in philadelphia, pa

1. Orianna Hill Park

Orianna Hill Park is an off-leash park that is perfect for those who are in Northern Liberties or the surrounding area. You do have to register your pet to be able to use the park, and you get an orientation before you can use the facilities, but taking this extra time is worth it.

You will have access to a plot of wood chips that is fenced in, and there is a lot of shade. Dogs can get water at the watering station, and there are picnic tables to sit down and watch your pet. This is one of the nicest parks near Philadelphia, and you should be sure to have it on your list of places to have fun with your dog.

2. Clark Park

Clark Park is a Spruce Hill location that is not technically a dog park specifically, but it is a place where lots of pet parents bring their pets to hang out and have fun. The park is known locally as “the bowl” and it is a place where pet owners congregate. Dogs are often off-leash here, but that is technically not legal by PA law. You should plan to keep your pet on a leash to be compliant with local laws when you visit.

There is a dog watering station here by the children’s playground, but you might want to bring your own collapsible water bowl just in case. There are lots of places to walk and play here with dogs, and you will love the beauty of the park itself.

3. Wissahickon Valley Park

Wissahickon Valley Park is massive at about 1,800 acres. You can head here for a fun hike with your dog along the Forbidden Drive Trail. This trail follows the creek, the full length of the huge park. You will also have access to more than 50 miles of other trails with varying degrees of challenge to their navigation.

This is not a dog-specific park, and leash laws apply here, but your pet can easily have fun joining you on an outdoor adventure among the trees and on the manicured trails. This is a beautiful spot as well, making it ideal for a day spent having fun with your pet.

4. Schuylkill River Park Dog Run

Schuylkill River Park Dog Run is a great off-leash park that many locals to Schuylkill love. The park has areas for both small and large dogs, and there’s lots of room for your pet to play and relax. There are also lots of shade trees and a watering station, as well as kiddie pools for pets to play in. The play areas are astroturf which can be nice for dogs with sensitive feet that tend to have issues with other surfaces.

It can get crowded here, so you need to be sure that you are prepared for that kind of environment. There are also nearby train tracks, so you might need to keep your pet on a leash for a bit just to make sure they are comfortable here. You will not have to register to use the park, but you are asked to clean up after your pet and make sure that they are safe to be off leash interacting with other pets in the park.

Dog Parks in Philadelphia Are Great Places to Visit

If you have been trying to figure out how you are going to exercise your dog, a dog park adventure is perfect for your pet’s needs. These different dog park locations are ideal for taking your pet for a day of off leash play and interaction with other pets. Remember to observe leash laws in shared park spaces and consider hiking with your pet only if you have a water bowl and water to take with you.

There are lots of ways to have fun during the nice weather with your pet, and a dog park can be the perfect venue for this kind of outdoor activity. There are lots of nice dog parks in the Philadelphia area, as well as parks that dogs are welcome to visit. Having this guide in hand will help you to get your dog the exercise that they need to be happy and healthy all summer, or even winter, long.

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