Dog Vaccinations are Important to Your Pet’s Health, Here’s Why

Do you have a dog? Are you trying to decide whether to have them vaccinated? Why is it so important to keep up with your dog’s vaccinations, anyway? Can’t you just skip some of them if your dog is an indoor pet?

Many pet owners frequently wonder whether their pets need vaccinations. If you find yourself on the fence about vaccinating your dog, you’re in the right place. Below, we’ll help you better understand some of the most common benefits your dog can enjoy from up-to-date vaccinations. You can use this information to choose whether to have your dog vaccinated moving forward.

dog vaccinations

Reduce the Risk of Illness

The most important and perhaps the most obvious benefit of having your dog vaccinated regularly is the reduced risk of illness in your pet. Vaccinations can prevent your dog from contracting all sorts of common canine health problems from distemper to the flu to Lyme disease and more.

Your veterinarian can give you more information about the vaccinations recommended for your dog. Depending on where you live, some canine health problems may be more common than others, so it is important to follow your vet’s guidance on this matter. Your dog will be healthier and less likely to become sick if you do so.

Reduce the Spread of Illness

Along with reducing your own dog’s risk of illness, vaccinating your pet can also help prevent the spread of illness to other dogs in the area. Your dog will not risk transmitting illness to strays, pets belonging to your friends and family, or dogs at the dog park when they are up to date on all their shots.

If you live in a location where certain illnesses are very prevalent, such as a canine influenza-prone location, you’ll be doing your part to cut down on the spread of a contagious disease among dogs as well.

Reduce Risk for Other Pets 

Many canine illnesses can be transmitted between dogs and cats as well as some other common household pets, like ferrets. By having your dog vaccinated against these conditions, you can reduce the risk of your other pets contracting these illnesses, too.

Of course, it is also important to have your other pets vaccinated whenever possible as well. This way, all your furry family members will be able to stay safer and healthier.

Reduce Risk for Human Family Members

Although uncommon, there are some illnesses dogs can spread to humans under the right circumstances. One of the most recognizable of these is rabies. By having your dog vaccinated against rabies, you can ensure that they won’t risk spreading this dangerous and fatal illness to you or the other humans in your family, either.

Of course, there are also other conditions your dog can potentially spread to humans, and rabies is simply the most significant. Whether you have anyone else in your household besides you or not, it is important to keep your dog from being able to make you or your loved ones sick.

Board and Travel

If you plan to travel with your dog, you will need to have them up to date on most vaccinations before your pet will be allowed to stay in many hotels. On the other hand, if you plan to board your dog at a kennel or vet’s office while you’re away, they will need to be up to date on vaccines to stay at these facilities as well. Remember, the most reputable dog daycares require vaccination records, as do most professional groomers.

You can take a lot of the hassle out of traveling—with or without your dog—by making sure they have all the required shots beforehand.

Legal Requirements

Finally, depending on where you live, some vaccinations may be required by law. For example, most of the United States requires rabies vaccinations for dogs by law, unless your vet can sign paperwork stating that your dog cannot be given this type of shot for any reason.

If you live in a Homeowner’s Association or if you rent your home, your property manager or HOA may require vaccination records as well. Legally, it is important to check with the place where you live to determine just what your dog needs.

Keeping Your Dog’s Vaccinations Up to Date is Easy

As you can see, vaccinating your pet is an important part of pet ownership. A vaccinated dog is typically going to be healthier and potentially live longer than an unvaccinated dog and is also less likely to risk spreading disease to others. These compelling reasons should help you choose to vaccinate your pet, but you can always talk to your vet for more information if you have further questions or concerns.

Your vet can also help you choose the right vaccination schedule for your dog and ensure they stay up to date on everything they need in the future, too. Need to book a dog vaccination appointment with your Heart + Paw veterinarian? Choose the location you would like to visit and use the online form to book an appointment today!

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