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Animal Care Center & Pet House Suites

Care, Style, Play, Stay

Monday            8am – 7pm
Tuesday            8am – 5pm
Wednesday     8am – 5pm
Thursday          8am – 5pm
Friday                8am – 5pm
Saturday           8am – 1pm
Sunday             Closed

Deluxe Dog Boarding, Daycare,
and Grooming in Warrenton, VA

Pet House Suites is your dog boarding, dog daycare, and grooming destination. We will gladly spoil your pet to their heart’s content, with friendly, trained staff here to care for them like family and make their time away from you as pleasant as possible!

Keeping Guests Happy, Healthy, and Safe

Pet House Suites is located right next door to Animal Care Center, so during the hospital’s hours, veterinary care is just a moment away if your pet needs it. We also make safety our highest priority; our management team is Pet First Aid certified through the American Red Cross.

Dog Boarding: Your Pet’s Home Away from Home

Our dog boarding facility in Warrenton, VA accommodates pups of all sizes, from mini suites to large deluxe suites. We also welcome felines for boarding, with kitty condos and even a large kitty “castle” for climbing and lounging. In addition to dogs and cats, you can also reach out to us about boarding your reptile, bird, or other exotic pet. We’re always happy to help! To book your pet’s boarding, click the link below and fill out our reservation form.

Canine Accommodations

Mini Suites (Ideal for Small Breeds)

  • 4’ x 4’ enclosure
  • 4 free individual play times in large fenced area
  • $33 per night
  • $54 per night for 2 dogs together

Standard Suites

  • 4’ x 8’ indoor/outdoor enclosure connecting to an outdoor 4’ x 8’ run
  • $43 per night
  • $77.40 per night for 2 dogs
  • $116 per night for 3 dogs

Deluxe Suites

  • 8’ x 8’ hotel-style room
  • Includes TV, ceiling fan, pet cot bed
  • 4 free individual play times in outdoor yard
  • $53 per night
  • $95.40$ per night for 2 dogs
  • $143 per night for 3 dogs

Feline Accommodations

Kitty Castle

The Kitty Castle is a large area full of cat trees for climbing. Our feline guests love the extra-large windows in this space, where they can see outside and watch the squirrels, birds, and groundhogs that frequent our yard. $33.

Cat Condos

Our cat condos are 2’ x 2’ enclosures with bedding, food, water, and toys. Each condo is connected to another 2’ x 2’ space that houses the litter pan. $23.

dog daycare in Warrenton, VA

Dog Boarding Extras

Some of our extra services (which come at an additional fee) for our dog boarding guests include:

Dog Daycare

In daycare, your dog will get to play with other dogs.

  • $10 per day if boarding overnight
  • $20 per day if not boarding
  • $90 per week 5 days per week

Play Time

In our outside yard, your dog can run around and play while accompanied by one of our attendants. $6 per play time.

Play Date

Your pet is matched with another friendly dog of similar size and temperament. $10 per play date. You will be required to sign a release form prior to their play date.

Tuck-In Service

Your pet will receive a treat and some extra one-on-one cuddle time before closing. $6.

Pool Time

Your pet will get to have a romp in our wading pool if weather permits. $10.

Yummy Time

Your pet will receive a goody on a nightly basis (goodies include frost paws, rawhides, hooves, and stuffed Kong toys). $3. Please let us know if your pet is unable to have any of these items.

Stress Less

For anxious dogs and cats, we can provide a Zylkene nutritional supplement to reduce hyperactivity, nervousness, and other environmentally-induced stress responses. $3 per day.

Early Check-In

Our early check-in is available Monday through Friday, 8AM-1PM. $10. Note: If you check out after 1PM, you will be charged for that day.


A bath includes a brush out and bath, nail trim, and ear cleaning. Cost varies. After 4 days of boarding, your dog will be required to have a bath. Less than 4 nights, we require a cleanup fee of $10 for a brush and wipe down.

Spa Day

A spa day for your pet includes professional a bath, haircut, nail clipping, anal gland expression, and ear cleaning. Cost depends on your pet’s size, coat condition, and breed.

Vet Visit

We can take your pet over to Animal Care Center for their exam, vaccines, or any health concerns you may have. Note: If your pet needs vaccines only, there will be a $23 exam fee added to the cost of the vaccines.

Cat Boarding Extras

Extra services for our feline boarding guests include:

Tuck-In Service

Your cat will receive extra one-on-one cuddle time at the end of the day. $6.

Play Time

A member of our team will engage your kitty with toys, feathers, yarn, etc. to keep them active. $6.

Untangle Time

If your cat benefits from daily brushings, one of our attendants can provide just that. $3.

Stress Less

Does your cat have anxiety? We’ll provide them with a calming Composure chew each day to help alleviate their nervousness and other anxiety symptoms. $3.

cat boarding in Warrenton, VA

Offering a Day of Play with Dog Daycare in Warrenton

Need your pup to stay with us for a full day of play? We happily offer dog daycare Monday through Friday, 8AM-6PM. While your pet is in our care, they’ll enjoy play times with other pups in our outside yard, or be matched with another dog of similar size and temperament for a play date.

dog grooming in Warrenton, VA

Professional Dog Grooming

Our skilled professional groomer will make your pet look and feel fantastic. We offer two grooming packages based on your pet’s needs.

Bath Package

  • Brush
  • Bath
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail Trim

Full Grooming Package

  • Bath package (see above)
  • Haircut
  • Anal gland expression

Have questions? Want to book a grooming appointment?

Partnering with Heart + Paw

Animal Care Center & Pet House Suites partnered with Heart + Paw in March 2022