Dr. Nicole Romanzi

Dr. Nicole Romanzi Associate Doctor | Heart + Paw Callowhill

Dr. Nicole Romanzi always knew she wanted to be a veterinarian. Her vast collection of stuffed animals were always well-cared for with a toy doctor’s kit, and learned to sew at a young age so that any rips and tears could be quickly repaired with minor surgery. As a child, she grew up with a pet rabbit, a sweet yellow lab, and a myriad of fish, but she fell in love with cats when her best friend brought home a rescue kitten which proceeded to become her constant crafting partner and shadow. A few years later, another rescue cat joined them and became the family lovebug to help her through veterinary school at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating, she spent the next year in practice with everything from the smallest reptiles to the largest dogs but missed being in Philadelphia where she had made her home. No creature is too small however, her home now includes two elderly rescue rats along with her cats!