Malik Mitchell

Malik Mitchell Center Director | Callowhill

Malik joined Heart + Paw in 2020 as a play coordinator, leading play groups of pets while ensuring a positive, interactive and safe experience for each pet under his watch. He has worn many hats in efforts to support his center including fulfilling the care coordinator and veterinary assistant roles, respectively.  

In 2022, Malik transitioned into the role of center director where he’s incredibly passionate about providing high quality care to the pets his team serves, pet parent education, community outreach and engagement, and the exploration of technological and methodical advancements which aids in the veterinary industry reaching new heights. 

Malik was born and raised in Philadelphia. In his free time, he enjoys watching sports, eating out, visiting zoos and aquariums and building custom habitats for his reptile crew at home.  

While he currently has no cats or dogs, he finds companionship across 10 species of Herpetofauna at home including his beloved 10ft Reticulated python named Marty and Rhinoceros Iguana named, Midge.