How Dog Skin Infections Can Cause Your Pet to Be Itchy

We all know that look of discomfort on our furry friend’s face when they can’t stop scratching. Constant itching is more than just an annoyance—it can be a sign of a skin infection that needs attention. In this blog, we’ll deep-dive into what could be causing your dog’s incessant scratching and why booking an appointment…

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10 Signs That Your Dog Has Food Allergies

You know your fur baby better than anyone else. You notice when they’re wagging their tail more than usual or when they seem a little under the weather. So what happens when you start to see some, well, not-so-normal signs? Could it be a food allergy? Food allergies in dogs are more common than you…

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Is it Normal for My Dog to Have a Dry Nose?

So, you’ve noticed that your dog’s nose is a bit on the dry side, and now you’re wondering if that’s something to worry about. We get it. In a world full of pet myths and misconceptions, it’s easy to get a little anxious about your fur baby’s health. Let’s dive into this nose-y issue together!…

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Dog Pimples: What to Know About Your Pet’s Acne

If you’ve noticed little red bumps or blackheads on your furry friend’s skin, you might be wondering, “Do dogs get pimples?” The answer is yes, they do! Just like their human counterparts, dogs can also suffer from acne. Today, we’re diving into this topic, exploring causes, symptoms, and when to visit one of our Heart…

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10 Tips to Help Your Senior Dog Stay Happy and Healthy

senior dog

As our beloved canine companions advance in age, their needs change, and so should our approach to their care. Ensuring that our senior dogs remain happy and healthy is a top priority. This post will provide 10 essential tips that can assist pet owners in maintaining their dog’s quality of life in their golden years.…

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What Every Pet Owner Needs to Know About Dog Obesity

Dog Obesity

As responsible pet owners, it is crucial to understand the various health challenges our furry friends may face. One such concern that can have serious consequences on your dog’s well-being is obesity. Dog obesity is a growing problem worldwide, and it’s essential to educate ourselves about its risks, causes, prevention, and management. In this comprehensive…

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How to Prepare Your Pet for Their Dog Boarding Stay

dog boarding

If your pet has never been boarded while you were away, or you are worried that your dog is not prepared to be boarded during your absence, you can help them to be ready for this experience in advance. Pets that have been properly prepared for the dog boarding experience often don’t mind being boarded,…

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