Why is My Dog Acting Lethargic?

dog lethargy

There are many reasons that your dog might be acting lethargic. Some of them are not worth worrying too much about, while others are serious medical conditions that require an emergency trip to the vet. You need to know enough about these possible reasons for dog lethargy to be able to decide when your pet…

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My Dog Has a Runny Nose – Should I Call the Vet?

dog runny nose

While dog noses can be wet and cold when your dog is healthy, a runny nose is another matter. Any dog can suffer from a runny nose briefly if they have been exerting hard if they have just been drinking, or if they have sneezed due to dust or some other irritant in the air.…

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5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe While Swimming This Summer

dog swimming safety

If you have a dog that loves to swim, or you are considering taking your dog out for the first time to try out this experience, there are some safety considerations that you should keep in mind. Dogs love to swim in most cases, but they are not always prepared for the possible threats to…

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Is it Normal for My Dog to Have Dry Skin?

dry skin on dogs

Dry skin in dogs can be frustrating for pet owners who want to be sure that their pet is healthy. It can also be messy when your dog has dry skin, and they are shedding skin cells all over the house. You might also wish that you didn’t have to wash your hands after each…

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4 Dog Parks to Visit with Your Pet in Philadelphia, PA

dog park in philadelphia, pa

Taking your dog to the dog park can be great for their mental health and physical well-being. Many dogs love going to the park to socialize and see other dogs at least a few times a week. If your pet lives in an apartment or a small home without a yard, dog park time can be…

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5 Benefits of Dog Microchipping and How It Works

dog microchipping

Microchipping is becoming an increasingly common practice, and most rescue groups and veterinarians recommend this process to help your pet stay safe. Dogs that are microchipped are much more likely to make it home to their family if they get lost. This is also a great way to identify stray animals that are found wandering…

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6 Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

traveling with pets

Traveling with your pet doesn’t have to be stressful! Many people travel with their pets every year, and there are lots of ways to make the process of traveling with a dog or cat much easier for everyone involved. You will find that many airlines will allow your pet to come with you in the…

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Why Do Dogs Chew Their Paws and How Can I Stop This Behavior?

why do dogs chew their paws

Dog paw chewing is not something that every pet owner has had to deal with. Thankfully, not all pets show this behavior, but if you have gotten a dog that does, you might wonder if you need to be worried about your dog chewing on their paws. There are various reasons that your dog might…

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Dog Hair Brushing: Tips and Why it’s Important

brushing dog hair

Do you brush your dog often, or do you wonder whether or not you should? Dog hair brushing is an important part of taking good care of your dog, and even if they have short hair, they may require a good brushing session every now and then. It not only helps with keeping your pet…

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