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Pet Parent Resources Browse our articles to find helpful advice from the Heart + Paw family on how to care for your lovable, furry family members.

B2ap3 Large Heart And Paw Canine Vaccine

Canine Vaccines: Protecting your Pet

Understanding vaccinations can be tough. Here’s a guide to the two groups of canine vaccines.

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B2ap3 Large Heart And Paw Spay Neuter

Spay and Neuter Facts

At Heart + Paw, we’re passionate about preventive care and would like to see our patients spayed and neutered unless they are going to be bred responsibly.

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B2ap3 Large When Your Dog Eats Something It Should Not Have

When Your Pet Eats Something They Shouldn’t Have

What to do if Your Pet Eats Human Food You come into the kitchen and find a…

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B2ap3 Large Heart And Paw Puppy Socialization

The importance of puppy socialization

Socialization is the learning process through which puppies become accepting of interactions with various people and animals. Socialization includes localization and allows puppies to become familiar with and accustomed to various novel objects and environments.

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How to Prevent Dental Disease

Overall dental care for your pets is very similar to dental care for us – Daily care with brushing and flossing is critical but going to the dentist occasionally is also important to clear any calculus/tartar that you can’t address on your own at home.

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Pet Teeth 101

Whether your pet smiles for you or not, we all know how important teeth are to a pet’s ability to eat, protect themselves, and express themselves. However, it wasn’t until recently that veterinary medicine began to realize just how critical dental health was to your pet’s overall health!

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