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Unsafe foods for pets during Super Bowl

Heart + Paw was recently featured on KYW Newsradio highlighting foods your pets should avoid this Super Bowl Sunday.

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The Tooth Fairy and Teething

February is Dental Month and we’re kicking off this month with some fun facts about teeth in puppies and kittens! Believe it or not, puppies and kittens have baby teeth, also called deciduous teeth, just like children! These smaller, more fragile teeth fall out over time, making room for larger and stronger, permanent adult teeth.

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Managing Your Pets Anxiety

Managing Your Pet’s Anxiety

How to Manage Your Pet’s Anxiety Someday soon, things will begin to return to a new “normal.”…

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Preparing Your Pet For Emergencies

Preparing Your Pet for Emergencies

Preparing Your Pet for Emergencies By all accounts, 2020 has been a challenging year. Aside from the…

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Summer Series: Heatstroke

The summer has so much to look forward to! Beaches, barbecues, fireworks, hiking, lakes and so much more. While our pets may not take part in all of these activities, they may join us for some of them or be affected by others. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing common summertime concerns for our pets starting with heatstroke.

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Preventive Care Reimagined

Preventive care is a critical concept of veterinary medicine, and yet many owners do not fully understand it. The concept behind preventive medicine is that if we are proactive with our medical care, we can not only slow down diseases that hurt our pets but in some cases, we can prevent them entirely! Prevention includes everything from vaccines and blood work that we do at the hospital to the flea/tick/heartworm prevention and dental care you do at home!

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