Prevention Plans for New Pets

Get Personalized Care for your New Pet!

Congrats on your new pet! Whether you got an adorable puppy or kitten, or adopted an older pet, a Prevention Plan from Heart + Paw can help your new family member live a longer, happier life.

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Improve your pet's health with preventive care.

Preventive care helps to improve your pet’s health and quality of life. It also enables our team to use a more informed, elevated approach to caring for your pet. As your partners in pet parenthood, treating your pet’s health proactively can help catch problems early or prevent them altogether.

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Get customized care for your pet.

We encourage our new clients to sign up for a prevention plan. Our tailored prevention plans are customized to fit the needs of your pet at an affordable cost. Whether you’ve just adopted a puppy or kitten that needs a spay or neuter or have a senior pet that may start showing signs of aging, a prevention plan can help provide a better sense of guidance for your pet’s needs over time.

Pets also don’t always show their pain through outward signs indicating that something is wrong, so staying on top of your preventive care visits is a great way to identify changes you might not be able to physically see. At your preventive care visits, we’ll talk with you about any concerns such as diet, lethargy, or any other behavioral issues to make sure your pet is living a happy and healthy life.

How Prevention Plans Works for your Pet

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What makes a Heart + Paw plan different?

It’s Tailored to Your Pet

Each personalized Prevention Plan is designed by your Heart + Paw veterinarian to provide tailored care throughout the year for your new pet.

Unlimited Vet Tech Visits

Our Heart + Paw veterinary techs are licensed professionals. You don’t need to see the veterinarian for every appointment. Our vet techs are licensed professionals who can answer your questions and help you learn how to care for your new pet.

New Pets and Prevention Plans

If you’ve just added a new pet to your family, Heart + Paw can guide you on what your puppy or kitten needs to stay healthy, including how to save with one of our Prevention Plans.

Prevention Plans for Precious Puppies and Dogs

Your new canine friend will benefit from a preventative care plan that’s tailored to specific health needs. We’ll recommend a variety of routine care services, dental care, vaccinations and other services as needed.

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Prevention Plans For New Pets 720x600 2

Prevention Plans for Cool Cats and Kittens

It’s important to get routine check-ups for your new feline best friend. Our cat Prevention Plans are customized to your kitty’s health and wellness needs. We’ll recommend routine exams and feline leukemia testing, among other services as needed.

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