Is My Pet Alright? When Cat Panting Requires a Vet Visit


Caring for our cats means paying attention to all the little details that make them unique. One moment they’re zooming around the house, and the next, they’re curled up in a sunbeam, napping the day away. But what about when you notice your cat panting? It’s not as common as it is in dogs, so…

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7 Plants Toxic to Cats that Could be in Your Home or Garden


Creating a safe and inviting space for our beloved cats often involves more than just providing them with toys, comfort, and nourishment. It also means ensuring that our homes and gardens are free from potential dangers that we might not immediately recognize—like certain common plants. At Heart + Paw, we’re committed to helping you protect…

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Dog Tooth Abscesses: Signs, Causes, Treatment and Prevention


When it comes to keeping your dog happy and healthy, oral health plays a significant role that shouldn’t be overlooked. Just like in humans, dental issues in dogs can lead to other serious health problems if not addressed promptly. One such issue that demands immediate attention is a tooth abscess, a condition that can be…

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Why Is My Dog Always Thirsty and Drinking a Lot of Water?


If you’ve noticed your dog lapping up more water than usual, you might be wondering if it’s a sign of something serious. Dogs need a good amount of water each day to stay healthy, but when their thirst seems unquenchable, it’s natural for pet owners to feel concerned. In this blog, we’ll explore some common…

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5 Possible Reasons for a Cat’s Weight Loss


Losing weight might seem like a goal for many, but when it comes to our beloved cats, unexpected weight loss can be a sign of concern. At Heart + Paw, we know your cat isn’t just a pet; they’re a vital part of your family. Understanding why your cat may be losing weight is the…

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How to Get Rid of Your Dog’s Bad Breath

bad breath in dog

When your dog greets you with a wagging tail but less-than-pleasant breath, it’s time to take action. Bad breath in dogs is a common concern among pet owners, and it’s often a sign that your dog needs a little extra care in their oral hygiene routine. This blog will provide you with practical tips to…

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Why Does My Dog Have Blood in Their Poop?

dog with blood in poop

Blood in your dog’s poop can be a worrying sight. As a pet owner, you need to understand why this might happen and when it’s time to seek help from professionals. This blog will explore common causes of blood in stool and what they could mean for your dog’s health. If you’re concerned about what…

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Why is My Dog Gagging and Coughing?

dog gagging and coughing

Your dog is gagging and/or coughing. Did something simply go down the wrong way, or is it something more? Knowing what these symptoms mean can give you peace of mind about your pet and potentially help you avert a more serious medical situation.  In this blog, we’ll explore various reasons behind these signs and how…

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Why is My Cat Not Eating?

cat not eating

If you’re noticing your cat isn’t eating as usual, you’re right to be concerned. This blog will shed some light on the possible reasons your cat may have lost their appetite, and we encourage you to seek expert advice for your pet’s health. If you have pressing questions and need to see a vet, please…

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