How to Get Rid of Your Dog’s Bad Breath

When your dog greets you with a wagging tail but less-than-pleasant breath, it’s time to take action. Bad breath in dogs is a common concern among pet owners, and it’s often a sign that your dog needs a little extra care in their oral hygiene routine. This blog will provide you with practical tips to freshen up your dog’s breath and maintain their oral health. If you need more specific advice or an appointment, our Heart + Paw team is just a call away and ready to assist. Find the nearest location and schedule an appointment today!

bad breath in dog

Understanding the Causes of Bad Breath in Dogs

Bad breath in dogs can stem from a variety of causes, and identifying these is the first step toward finding a solution. Let’s explore what might be causing your dog’s bad breath and when it’s time to consult a professional.

What Leads to Bad Breath?

  • Dental Issues: The leading cause of bad breath in dogs is dental problems, like plaque and tartar buildup, leading to gum disease.
  • Diet and Food Habits: The type of food your dog eats can greatly affect their breath. Certain diets might contribute to the issue.
  • Health Issues: Sometimes, bad breath signals underlying health problems, such as kidney or liver disease.

When to Seek Veterinary Care

Persistent bad breath or accompanying symptoms such as loss of appetite/difficulty eating or heavy drooling should prompt a visit to the vet. At Heart + Paw, we’re equipped to identify and treat any health concerns your dog may have.

Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene for Your Pet

Your dog needs to have good oral hygiene to keep their breath fresh and their mouth healthy. Let’s look at some effective ways to maintain your dog’s oral health.

Regular Dental Checkups

Taking your dog for regular dental checkups is essential for the early detection and treatment of oral health issues.

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Daily brushing with dog-friendly toothpaste and brushes can significantly reduce bad breath and prevent dental diseases from taking hold.

Dental Treats and Toys

While not a replacement for brushing, dental treats and toys can help to minimize plaque and tartar buildup and keep your dog’s breath fresher.

Choosing the Right Diet for Your Pet’s Dental Needs

The right diet can also do wonders for your dog’s oral health and breath. Here, we’ll discuss the best food choices to help combat bad breath.

A dog’s diet can influence their oral health and breath. Certain foods help in cleaning teeth and freshening breath. These usually include:

  • Dry Kibble: Dry, crunchy kibble can help scrape plaque off your dog’s teeth.
  • Special Dental Diets: Some dog foods are formulated to improve dental health by reducing tartar buildup.
  • Fresh Crunchy Vegetables: Snacks like carrots or apples can also be good for your dog’s teeth.

Water plays a significant role in oral health, too. It helps with washing away food particles and bacteria in the mouth, which can cause bad breath.

If your dog is reluctant to drink water, try adding it to their food or using a water fountain to entice them to drink more.

Professional Dental Cleanings

Sometimes, your dog will need a professional dental cleaning to remove stubborn tartar and plaque from the crowns and roots of their teeth. Let’s discuss why these cleanings are important and how Heart + Paw can help.

Professional cleanings are necessary to remove buildup that regular brushing can’t tackle. This is because the hardened buildup requires dental scaling tools to be removed, and a brush can’t get under the gum line, where most bacteria reside. 

If your pet needs to have their teeth cleaned professionally, contact your nearest Heart + Paw. We’ll ensure your dog’s dental hygiene is taken care of in the most comfortable way possible.

Partner with Heart + Paw for Your Pet’s Dental Needs

Ensuring your dog’s mouth stays healthy and their breath fresh is key to their overall health. By understanding the causes, maintaining oral hygiene, choosing the right diet, ensuring hydration, and seeking professional care, you can effectively manage bad breath in your dog and prevent dental disease altogether.

Our Heart + Paw team is always here to help! Reach out to us for any concerns about your dog’s oral health or to schedule an appointment. We’re committed to ensuring you and your dog enjoy many happy, healthy years together.

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