Your First Veterinary Appointment

What to Expect at Your First Care Visit at Heart + Paw

Whether you’ve just moved to the area or have just adopted a new puppy, kitten, or older pet, we can’t wait to welcome you to our family.

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Book Your Appointment Online or by Phone.

As you anticipate your new family member coming home with you, it’s important to consider veterinary needs. All our centers offer advanced booking to accommodate your schedule and ensure that your pet can be seen promptly. We encourage our pet parents to schedule their bookings in advance to secure an appointment. We know there will be questions around our services, and we’re prepared to answer them to help put you at ease. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable with our team, so please continue to ask questions about your pet and their behaviors in the future.

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Send Us Your Pet’s Medical Records.

When booking your first appointment, either by phone or online, we ask that you send your pet’s medical records from the breeder or rescue in advance. You can do so by emailing them to our center or by bringing physical copies at the start of your appointment. Each center has unique procedures, which will be communicated to you through email appointment confirmation and reminders.

Ready to Schedule Your First Visit?

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Starting with a Thorough Check-up

On the day of your appointment, we’ll weigh your pet and listen to the heart and lungs. We’ll take a temperature reading before beginning a thorough examination of your pet’s eyes, ears, nose, feet, and genitalia. We also check out your pet’s skin and coat, look at the teeth and mouth, and examine the abdomen and lymph nodes. Some appointments may require a fecal sample to rule out the presence of worms. We recommend that dogs and cats have a routine wellness checkup once or twice a year.

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Discussing Microchipping, Spaying/Neutering and Other Health Concerns

Once the initial exam is done, we’ll dive deep into your pet’s history and answer any questions you may have around nutrition, medical issues, and future preventive care. If your pet is young, we’ll discuss procedures such as spaying, neutering, and microchipping, which can help identify your pet’s parent in case of separation.

Here for You and Your Pets

At Heart + Paw and our partner practices, we pride ourselves in following up with our clients after a visit. If there are any questions, your veterinarian is available to answer them through phone, email, and even texts.

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Get One Year of Personalized Care with a Prevention Plan.

Save money and make your pet’s health a priority with yearly Prevention Plans from Heart + Paw.

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