Meet Our Teams

Working at Heart + Paw is much more than performing a job. Our team members develop lifelong careers with a supportive and nurturing environment, the opportunity to lead, and countless ways to grow. Beyond helping you do your best in your chosen role, we are invested in your individual success and seeing you excel beyond your original goals.

Introducing the Team that Will Help You Succeed

With the experienced Heart + Paw talent acquisition and veterinarian-led operations teams in your corner, you’ll receive an incredible wealth of knowledge, and the assistance you need to grow into your new role and beyond.

Heart + Paw Group Photo

Our Talent Acquisition Team

Choosing your next career can feel overwhelming. We have put a great deal of thought and resources into every aspect of the team experience: physical space, compensation, benefits, technology, equipment, caseload, and staffing. Whether you are new to veterinary care or looking for the next step in your career, we're here to help you succeed.

Charlene Ta

Charlene Wandzilak

Director of Talent Acquisition

Chelsea S Green

Chelsea Staincliffe

CVBL, Talent Acquisition Partner

Julie B Green

Julie Bradford

Talent Acquisition Partner

Randi Green

Randi Warfel

LVT, Talent Acquisition Partner

Veterinarian Led Operations Team Retouch

Our Veterinarian-Led Operations Team

Each Heart + Paw center works closely with a veterinarian on our operations team to assist with hospital leadership in medicine and business. This can look like helping a partner doctor dig into their P&L statement, onboarding new graduates, or scrubbing in to assist in surgeries. Our veterinarian-led team serves as a supportive sanctuary for budding careers and experienced minds alike.

George Melillo

Dr. George Melillo

Co-Founder and Chief Veterinary Officer

Mary Peacock

Dr. Mary Peacock

VP of Operations

Julie Sanders

Dr. Julie Sanders

Director of Operations

Andrew Koch

Dr. Andrew Koch

Director of Operations

Frank Gomez

Dr. Frank Gomez

Director of Operations

Green Quotes

Who I am for each location must change. As a veterinarian, I can approach support solutions from the perspective of what is possible through a medical and ethical lens. I’ll never ask you to do something I wouldn’t be comfortable doing.

Dr. Julie Sanders, Director of Operations